Oinochoe/ Mother-of-pearl

Glaze Stoneware Pitcher

250 x 140 MM

Oinochoe/ Mother-of-pearl

  • Our center of attention is currently focused on texture, colors and organic forms mixed with the ancients designs of Iberian, Roman and Greek societies, intrinsically found in our Mediterranean culture.


    Each piece of CANOA is individually made to order and which takes 3-4 working weeks to produce.


    Is importat to know that each pieces will vary slightly from the one pictured on the online store. Often the coils tecnique and layers of experimental glazes is used which ensures you will be the only one to own your piece.

    • First each stoneware piece is handbuilt with coil tecnique.
    • Second each piece goes into the kiln to the first fire (biscuit)
    • Third each piece is cover with layers of expermimental glazes.
    • Finally the pieces come back into the kiln for the second fire (1280ºc)