Fig. XXI

Sterling Silver + Glaze Stoneware Ring

EUROPE 12, U.S 6

Fig. XXI

€154.00 Precio
€110.00Precio de oferta
  • All metals tarnish over time as a result of oxygen exposure, water, and our own natural body oils. To maintain a high polish, your piece is best stored in an air tight container when not in use. Remove before bathing or swimming. If/when the metal does begin to tarnish, wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth (we recommend suede clothes).

  • Each piece of CANOA is individually made to order and which takes 3-4 working weeks to produce.


    Is importat to know that each pieces will vary slightly from the one pictured on the online store. Often the lost wax casting method is used which ensures you will be the only one to own your piece.