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Isolated n.28


Details: The pieces are handbuilt out of stoneware with grog from Manises (Spain) and brushed with experimental glazes mix and textured surface, resulting in slight variations with each piece.

Materials: Glazed stoneware.
Dimensions: Ø 23,5cm, height 43,5cm.
Technique: Coiling.
Uses and cleaning: Not watertight.
Clean with a damp cloth or small brush.
Made to order, 4-5 weeks lead time

Based in Spain, Canoa Lab ceramics echo the shapes and textures of ancient artifacts, imparting a sense of ritual for modern use. Our ceramics focus on texture, colour and form, calling to the ancient design of Iberian, Roman and Greek societies of the Mediterranean.


Origin: All our pieces are handmade in our own workshop located in Valencia.