It’s a place to objectify our experience through a production of pieces, adjusted to a natural pace, responsible with time, focused in handcraft value and in artistic experimentation, a project that grows over time while maintaining links between what was done, what is being done and what will be done. CANOA is the means by which we accumulate experiences, playing with materials, shapes, colors, but also a place where photography, graphics and audiovisual become physical locations where you can contemplate the slow change, the more sustained in time flow, and which allows an understanding of everything sensitive.


We are Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz, two designers of maps and atlases which allow us to weave a network of communicated and communicating elements; generators of rhizomatic structures which can be explored as a cronobiography and that enable to understand our conclusions, how and what we think, the imprint of our work and the objects that condition us. We build a cabinet of curiosities understood as indefinite showroom which projects our imaginary. Since 2010 we generate places in which artistic experimentation comes first and as a way of understanding everything; places without borders where we build cartographies of our experience, materialized in images, texts and objects that orbit around a central core: jewelry and ceramics.


We believe in a slow industry, respectful with the natural production pace. We supply from the local market, thus ensuring a stable and regular stock of materials (we only spend what we need). We make our processes and the origin of the resources completely transparent. Our production techniques are supported on a base in which the handicraft and the enthusiasm for the good work open the way to the creation of everything you are seeing and will see.

Our studio/workshop are based in Valencia/ Puerto Rico Street left number 40 under, for get an appointment please write us to @info@canoalab.com

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