Alicia Macías


In 2016, Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz, launched CANOA, a place to objectify our experience through a production of metal and ceramic pieces, adjusted to a natural pace, responsible with time, focused in handcraft value and in artistic experimentation, a project that grows over time while maintaining links between what was done, what is being done and what will be done. CANOA is the means by which we accumulate experiences, playing with materials, shapes, colors, but also a place where photography, graphics and audiovisual become physical locations where you can contemplate the slow change, the more sustained in time flow, and which allows an understanding of everything sensitive.


Alicia Macías


Alicia Macías

Raquel Vidal

Studied Fine Art at UGR Granada, Spain, where she graduated in 2010. Working across drawing, textiles, wax and found objects, her work explores the relationships between materials, textures and shapes building new objects and installations that evoke the ancient Cabinets of curiosities. She works finding a connection between the natural world and the manufacturing objects. Raquel is like a visual ilusionist that building a personal world which remember us the image of Warbug's Atlas. In 2010 she studied MFA in Artistic Production. UPV, Valencia where she insight into the processes of foundry and metal. Through lost wax process Raquel build shapes that entrap little ceramic rocks or connect some ceramics parts with each other.

Pedro Paz

Studied Fine Art at UGR Granada, Spain, where he graduated in 2012. In 2012 he studied MFA in Artistic Production. UPV, Valencia and his interest in the movement, time and space led him into work with video and photo, researching the relationship between the body and the image. In 2014 he begins to work in an artisanal ceramic atelier where learns the handbuilt techniques and his interest for the relationship between crafts and arts increasing. The vessels becomes the perfect excuse to experiment with the shapes and the textures using the Greek, Roman and Iberic imaginary to build new metaphorical containers that allow a glimpse the links between form, texture and time.

Nuestro estudio/taller está en Valencia en la calle Puerto Rico nº40 bajo izquierda, si quieres visitarnos escríbenos a info@canoalab.com para concertar una cita.